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Our Story

Let us tell you a story…

Since we were little, there was only one place where you could find us...the sea.
Our parents’ love for the boats and the waters was quickly transferred to us and it soon became our way of life, expression and freedom.

We are Konstantinos, Stefanos, Giannis and Manolis and the common ‘sea’ memories that we have, unite us and make us feel like kids all over again.

So, in 2017 we founded Blue Sense Yachting to share our passion with you.
Our main goal is to awaken your...sixth sense!

What we do

We offer you a lifetime experience!

Our crew, being familiar to the waters of the Aegean and Cretan sea, is at your disposal to help you choose and organize a magical getaway to the sea and the nearby islands.

We offer short, private rides and cruises with luxury boats around beautiful Crete, always based on your comfort, relaxation and self-recreation, providing high quality services and our warm hospitality.
Having years of experience in the tourism industry, we effectively ensure the safety and the best quality of services for you and your beloved ones.
Come and explore with us riding the waves.

The ultimate day of tranquility, enjoyment and happiness awaits you!